"Easy reading is damned hard writing."
— Nathaniel Hawthorne

Good writing engages readers and makes them care about what you have to say. Message Framer can help your organization craft ads, media releases, and articles for your publications. Our writing is honest and straightforward, and puts a human face to your organization's goals. (examples below)

Charter Employees Choose to Have a Union and Benefits of Collective Voice– pdf
Educators who work at charter schools are discovering the benefits of unionization… and so are their schools.

Los Angeles Times Unfairly Names and Shames District Teachers– pdf
Based on a controversial “value-added-models” (VAM) analysis of standardized test scores… the paper rated 6,000 teachers against one another.

Why We Teach, Part. 1– pdf
Part of a series featuring educators who, despite budget cuts that are devastating schools and colleges throughout Califorina, are making a difference, reaching students and changing lives

Educators and Unions Harness Power of Online Social Media Tools – pdf
California teachers using Facebook and Twitter as professional and union-building tools

Rural Drivers are Key Link Between Home and School – pdf
Feature article about Lemoore schoolbus drivers and their rootedness in and contributions to their small California community

I Stepped Up for My Union, Part 3 – pdf
Part of an award-winning four-part series that we wrote, examining what motivated members of the California Federation of Teachers to get involved with their union

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